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St Michael and All Angels, Headingley

Summary of the Parochial Church Council Meeting held on 23 March 2017, 7.30pm, in the Parish Hall

Present: Ann Dudzinski; (chair); Rebecca Crowson; Alan Daines; Jane Ferguson; Malcolm Heath; Tom Herbert; Deryck Piper; Alan Parker; Luke Verrall

Apologies: Revd Tony Whatmough; Felicity King; Janet Lewis; Ashley Marshall

West End of Church: A meeting with Richard Crooks had been held to discuss next steps. A list of grant-awarding bodies had been supplied to ADa; AD will begin to draft the Faculty application; LV will arrange for a bat survey to be carried out.

Annual Review of Safeguarding Policy: A draft revision of the policy was circulated. After discussion, it was agreed to carry out a further revision to clarify the distinction between the policy adopted for activities of St Michael’s and the responsibilities imposed on external groups using church premises.

Appointment of Director of Music: A small number of applications and some further expressions of interest had been received. The closing date was 6 April.

Preparation for APCM: Notices concerning nomination for Churchwardens and members of PCC would be posted imminently. Nomination forms were available. Arrangements for encouraging nominations were discussed. The draft report for 2016 was approved.

Team Rector’s comments: There would be a confirmation service on the evening of 26 March.

The unveiling and rededication of the war memorial would take place on Sunday 2 April, a service in church being followed at 11am by a ceremony at the cenotaph.

St Michael’s would host the early morning Easter vigil service on 17 April.

On Wednesday 10 May St Michael’s would host an episcopal (instead of the usual archidiaconal) visitation, at which churchwardens for the whole of Leeds would be admitted. The Hall would be needed, and assistance with refreshments was requested.

Angela Birkin would be ordained on Saturday 1 July, and be welcomed to St Michael’s as curate the following day. A lunch would probably be organised. A diocesan leaflet on welcoming new curates was circulated.

Shire Oak School: TW and AD had been involved in discussion of the collective worship policy.

Treasurer’s Report: The Main account balance stood at £58k, and the Parish Hall account at £ 7.7k.

Fabric Report: The area at the back of the south aisle had been cleared of clutter. A.S. Electrical had attended on 22 March to go through a list of jobs to be carried out, and to obtain information in order to quote for the installation of an AV system. M.D. Builders had made safe the damaged corner of the parish hall roof overhanging St Michael’s Lane, and carried out work to deal with cracks appearing in the internal wall.

Green Group: A silver eco-church award had been achieved.

Budget and Finance Committee: The level of ‘add on’ fees set by the parish was under review.

The new method for calculating parish share had produced a steep increase for St Michael’s. For the current year, the increase was capped at 25%, requiring a share payment of £47k (compared with ££40k), but with the potential to rise to above £60k in the future. It was agreed that a diocesan finance officer should be invited to attend a future meeting of PCC.

Dates for 2017/18 meetings:

Standing Committee:


Wednesday 21st June 2017
Monday 4th September 2017
Tuesday 31st October 2017
Tuesday 9th January 2018
Monday 5th March 2018


Tuesday 9th May 2017
Wednesday 5 July 2017 (Shire Oak)
Monday 18th September 2017
Tuesday 14th November 2017
Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Monday 19th March 2018


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