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Summary of the PCC Meeting held on 5th January 2021, 7.30pm, in virtual space

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley

Summary of the Parochial Church Council Meeting held on 5th January 2021, 7.30pm, in virtual space

Present: Revd Angela Birkin (chair); Ann Dudzinski; Jane Ferguson; Rebecca Crowson; Alan Daines; Ella Dudzinski; Norah Gibson; Malcolm Heath; Tom Herbert; Jan Kramer; Janet Lewis; Alan Parker; Deryck Piper; Katie Robinson; Luke Verrall.

Apologies: Sonya Bushell; Karen Gough; Felicity King.

Appointment of Deputy Churchwardens and Sidespeople: Malcolm Heath, Tom Herbert, Janet Lewis and Deryck Piper were appointed as Deputy Church Wardens (Proposed: Rebecca Crowson; Seconded: Janet Lewis.) DP indicated that he did not wish to serve on Standing Committee. It was agreed that the appointment of Sidespeople should be deferred,

Assistant Curate’s Comments: AB thanked those who made the Christmas services possible in difficult circumstances. Services and private prayer in church are permitted under the new lockdown rules, subject to the ban on mingling. In view of the difficulty of ensuring that there is no mingling, the risk of informal relaxation of the rules, and the potential vulnerability of clergy it was agreed that the church should remain closed during the lockdown period, and that this decision should be reviewed when the national situation is reviewed in February.

A period of calm reflection would provide an opportunity to consider issues of planning, finance, maintenance of the church buildings, and the public role of St Michael’s within Headingley. Committee chairs would be invited to discuss future plans. 

The Charity of the Season (CALM) should be publicised to the congregation through the newsletter. A local charity, perhaps relating to children, could be chosen for the lead-in to Advent

Headingley Team arrangements: The proposed establishment of Team Ministry including St Michael’s, St Chad’s and All Hallows was discussed.

(i) AD reported that Wrangthorn was currently considering a formal Team with St George’s: Wrangthorn’s adjacency to Hyde Park was therefore unlikely to object to All Hallows’ proposed change of name to All Hallows Hyde Park.  

 (ii) The confusion regarding Hannah Lievesley’s place of residence in the initial diocesan proposal had been resolved.

(iii) AB confirmed that responsibility for pastoral care of souls is shared by the whole Team ministry.

(iv) Concern was expressed about the apparently vacuous role of the Patron of St Michael’s. It was agreed that this was not an issue relating to the formation of the Team formation, and that raising it at this stage would risk delay.

After discussion, PCC agreed the proposal that a new Team Ministry should be formed, comprising St Michael’s, St Chad’s and All Hallows’. PCC also recommended that the name of the new Team Ministry should be ‘The Headingley and Hyde Park Team Ministry’.

Treasurer’s report: Church income in 2020 was slightly more than in 2019, thanks to VAT claim and reserved donations. The Parish Hall had no income for the nine months of covid restrictions, but had incurred normal expenditures (approx. £1500+ per month), which have been subsidised from the Main account.

JL will use the newsletter to encourage a transition from the envelope scheme to alternative payment methods.

JF reported that there had been no success in raising grants, while emphasising that the expenditure incurred in upgrading the church and making it the more welcoming will support the post-coved renewal

Churchwardens Fabric Report:

West End re-ordering. The kitchen is nearing completion; a snagging list is being prepared. The wooden frames for the two sets of new glass doors in the north porch have been fitted; the inner set of glass doors has been fitted and has been adjusted. The glass surround for the outer set of doors has been fitted. Work on the accessible toilet is progressing.

A large section of the floor in front of the new kitchen has been resurfaced and the wooden floor blocks have been re-laid and secured. Blocks that could not be re-used or had gone missing have been replaced.

Repair work and upgrade to the tower clock cannot be completed until the electrical systems in the belfry have been upgraded. A quote from Smiths of Derby for remedial work to the chiming mechanism of the clock is awaited. A S Electrical continue to carry out the electrical work in church as required following the 5 yearly electrical inspection. David Simpson, who has been looking after the sound systems in church for many years, is now managing and co-ordinating the various works in progress.

In addition, David pressure-washed the paths around the church, and has cleaned out the drains, the low-level gutters and the flat roof of the vestry.

Luke Verrall contacted Leeds City Council to request a visit to inspect some of the trees in the churchyard which require attention.

The renewal of the lower and upper parts Youth Centre has been completed.  Leaks in the roof were discovered when the electrical systems in the building developed faults. The roofing felt, the laths and the roof slates have all been replaced.

Shire Oak C of E School Report: It was clear that the school was providing excellent online teaching and support; it also remained open for vulnerable children and the children of keyworkers. Children had been in church to make Christingles. Overall, the school managing well in difficult circumstances. 


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