Church History I

Church History I

Headingley is known worldwide for its Cricket Ground. Many who come to matches
quench their thirst at the Oak or the Skyrack and so pass close by the church with
the spire, dedicated to St Michael and All Angels.
This church is a place of prayer, worship and celebration. It is an offering to God of
the best we can give. For well over a century, since 1886, the people of Headingley
have come to this building day-by-day and have celebrated special occasions in their
lives. However the story of the church here goes back much further to the early 17th
The Church though is not just a building, it consists of people who have worshipped
God and tried to serve him and their neighbours. In our church building there are
many reminders of these people. Some of them are from the Old and New
Testaments, depicted in many of the windows and carvings; some from the early
days of the church in the North of England, shown in the reredos; and local men,
women and children who have worshipped here in more recent times are also
These pages present a detailed history of the church and a guide to the scenes and
people depicted in the carvings, the windows and the reredos.

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Church History II
A history of Headingley and St. Michael's

Church History III
A plan of the church

Church History IV
The Porch and North Aisle

Church History V
The West Window, Font and Children's Corner

Church History VI
The South Aisle, Transepts and Nave

Church History VII
The Organ, Lady Chapel and Chancel

Church History VIII
The Reredos behind the Altar

Church History VIIII
The Processional Cross and Church Plate (Apologies for not using the correct IX but VIIII is need so the pages stay in order)

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The Bells, Clock and Churchyard

Church History XI Acknowlegements