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Church History VI

The South Aisle

The three windows in the south aisle came from the second church. The ·central
window and the right-hand light of the eastmost window formed part of the 1879
East window, made by Powell Brothers of Leeds and London.
The eastmost window shows the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke ch.15) at the top,
with the Last Supper, the Shepherds and the risen Jesus appearing to Mary
Magdalene below - a most unexpected mixture!
In the central window the Ascension is depicted at the top, with Jesus carrying the
Cross, his Crucifixion and Resurrection below.
The final westmost window is dedicated to members of the Jepson family. Above is
Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Below, the three lights show: Jesus with the Holy
Women which ministered unto Him; his command to Peter Feed my lambs, feed my
sheep (John ch.21); and showing his wounds to Thomas after the Resurrection My
Lord and my God (John ch.20).

The Transepts
The north transept contains the War Memorial.
Designed by S D Kitson, it has three oak panels.
On the outer ones 72 members of the congregation
are named including one woman killed by an
explosion at Barnbow Munitions Factory. The
central panel has a figure of Jesus on the cross
(carved in pearwood by Mr J Thewliss of
Headingley), with an inscription meaning The
Cross of Christ, the Hope of the World. The
memorial was dedicated by Cannon Hollis, a
former vicar, in 1922. A public 'village' memorial
outside the church was designed by the same
architect and unveiled by the churchwarden C F
Tetley in the same year.
In the south transept there are two OrthodoxIcons.
On the left is a Russian icon of the Virgin and
Child, bequeathed by Bertha Wilson in 1956 and
on the right a Greek icon of St Michael, given by Mrs Hugh Jones. Below St
Michael is the Royal Maundy Money presented to a
parishioner, Miss Mary Hughes, at Ripon in 1985.
As a deliberate policy the large windows in the
transepts have been left plain.

The Nave
On the right at the front of the nave is an unusual
brass lectern, designed by Pearson, given by the ladies
of the congregation in 1889. Standing on columns are
the figures of the four archangels mentioned in the
Bible - St Michael, St Gabriel, St Raphael and St
Uriel. Sadly their individual symbols have broken off,
so they are not identifiable
Across the centre aisle from the lectern is the marble
and alabaster pulpit, designed by Pearson on the
theme of preaching and teaching, and given by C F
Ryder. The four large panels show, from left to right:
St John the Baptist in the wilderness; Jesus
delivering the Sermon on the Mount; St Peter
preaching to
the multitude
on the day of Pentecost (with the flames of the
Holy Spirit on the figures' heads); St. Paul,
probably at Athens. Alternating with these are
five long narrow niches containing single
figures. Those below are Old Testament
prophets holding scrolls with their names and
above are the Evangelists (the writers of the
four Gospels), and St Paul (with a sword).
The two wooden sanctuary chairs were made
in 1870, reputedly from wood taken from the
first church.
In the centre of the nave there is a memorial to
John Smithson, a curate of Headingley in the
late 18th century.

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