The tower of Pearson's great 1884 church was completed and a later date than the rest of the building and is a visible landmark for miles around.

It houses a ring of eight bells, hung for full circle ringing, and were cast specially for this current building.  The founder was John Taylor of Loughborough who cast the bells in 1890.  They replaced an earlier ring of six bells which came from Leeds Parish Church in 1797.


Bell Cwt-Qtr-Lb Diameter Note
1 5-0-7 27.125" E
2 5-1-15 27.875" D sharp
3 6-0-4 30" C sharp
4 7-0-18 32.375" B
5 9-1-25 35.875" A
6 10-2-7 37.75" G sharp
7 14-1-4 42.625" F sharp
8 20-1-0 47.5" E


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