1. Diary of a church dog

1. Diary of a church dog

This is my first entry as the official canine reporter for The Headingley Team. My

mum tells me that there used to be a regular item called Diary of a Church

Mouse so my intent is to continue in that strain with little tales and anecdotes

from my perspective as one of the dogs attending church in the team.

I love my Sunday mornings at church and in particular I love to sing along but

mummy says I am not allowed to sing the whole service but she does let me

have a go in the last hymn. My singing is spontaneous I often burst into song at

home but in particular I love the rhythm of hymns. I know when the last hymn is

coming because the choir pass me and when I check with mummy, she then lets

me ‘go’.

I especially love coming to church and seeing all my friends who I greet most

effusively. My tail wags when anyone speaks to me, I love people, I can

sometimes get a bit too OTT in my greetings but that is just because I love

everyone. My special friend is a little girl who sits with me every week, some

days there are a whole row of children sitting with me and that is just brilliant

because when I read my Bible, I learned that Jesus also loved little children. We

are all part of God’s creation and we all have our place just because they are

children and I am a dog does not mean we are any less than the grown ups who

put envelopes on the plate every week. We all share God’s plan and I know that

my place is to watch and observe the goings on. To greet everyone as a friend

and to raise my voice to my God in praise.

I will be keeping my eye on things and reporting back to you here.

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