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Diary of a church dog 15

Diary of a church Dog. 15

I have been musing a lot lately about those we love and lose and if we ever lose them? St Michaels lost one of its dearest friends recently in Pat Woods. Pat was a soul without complications. She was happy and contented in herself and expressed a joy in life that a lot of people either hide from or do not allow themselves to feel. At her memorial service all of the residents of Cardigan House turned out to celebrate her and friends, from the choir she attended, came to sing. The reading was the ‘suffer little children’ and this was a perfect choice for Pat who, most definitely, lived with a childlike expression. She wholeheartedly entered into the social life of the church family and although mumma banned me from the service because she said I would sing too loudly; I could hear from the vestry though, Pat’s friends certainly remembered her in style.

As November approaches our thoughts as always turn to those we loved and lost in two World Wars. As a nation we take a pause and lest we forget, we wear our poppies with pride and on November 11th we stand in silence for two minutes. I have my poppy bandanna and poppy collar attachment ready and I will as always stand at the cenotaph and remember my mumma’s grandpas who both fought in and thankfully returned from WWI and her daddy who was bombed during his time in the Royal Army Service Corps, serving throughout the Blitz in London. We will remember them.

November is also a time when as well as looking back we start to look forward to the wonderfully calming time of Advent as it precedes Christmas and all its frivolities and gaiety. As we mark another year of covid restrictions I wonder why people nowadays have found it so hard to do what was needed especially when we remember the two wars and the sacrifices and restraints people lived with then. My hope for the year is that we don’t forget. That we continue to remember. For by remembering we never really lose anyone. At a time when most people either have suffered a loss or know someone who has suffered a loss due to or because of covid we have to be like Pat and embrace the now and live life with a joyful soul and place our hope in God to sustain us by being more like children.

Much Love TJPS Mumma has bought me my Advent calendar already!

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