6. Diary of a church dog

Diary of a church Dog 6

Had an interesting couple of weeks my mumma’s brother in hospital

with Covid, her sister home poorly with covid and 4 other family

members testing positive. I was struck by how in an attempt to

occupy and distract herself whilst isolating for 14 days she has done


sorts like ironing, rearranging furniture, gardening, write Christmas

cards and a stocktake her drinks cabinet! Not sure if it was boredom


just a distracting technique. Over the past months I spent a lot of

time with just me and mummy I know a lot of you have also been

isolated from family and friends and that it is hard, no cuddles, no

kisses, no parties, no visits with granny. Humans, like dogs, are

intrinsically pack animals gaining comfort and strength from their social interactions with each other,

you recognise people by their faces and can sense a person’s emotions and read how they are feeling

from their facial expression (seems like hard work to me you should just sniff butts!!!) so, to have

your smiles masked off is hard. The Sunday service without singing, you all know how much I love to

sing the hymns, without communion in both parts, no laying on of hands or passing the peace is

strange. Thankfully after months without music the choir, socially distanced of course, is now singing

again. Slowly and slowly, things will return to a ‘new normal’ and what that looks like we will just

have to wait and see. Here’s hoping that sooner rather than later we will be hugging, singing and

passing the peace again.

Love TJ

P.S this was written before the second lockdown. A peaceful and blessed Christmas to one and all

however and whoever you manage to ‘bubble’ with. Remembering the optimistic words of


Julian of Norwich

"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well"

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