5. Diary of a church dog

Diary of a church Dog 5

Well what a time this is! I keep hearing words like COVID 19, Corona virus, social distancing and I am

seeing all the hooman beens wearing muzzles, have they been naughty and shouting at aeroplanes

or pulling on their lead? ...That’s why I have to wear mine. Or is it some kind of fashion statement. I

notice that some people have medical looking ones and others have more decorative ones, mummy

has a nifty GOT one with the Stark Dire Wolf and Arya on it.

During lockdown St Michaels has been busy it has a

very active Facebook page and WhatsApp group

where people chat about all manner of things. Tony

and Angela have recorded and shared services to the

group and online. The Thought for the Day has been

shared around the deanery group with contributors

from a wide variety of organisations. Now that church

is open for services again those who visit will notice a

lot of work has been done towards the west end

project. The inner storm porch has gone and the

sturdy wooden supports are in place for the glass doors which as I write one pair is still to be fitted.

The kitchen unit with retractable serving counter has been beautifully crafted and awaits completion.

There is a PowerPoint presentation of all the stages of the work and details of how the church has

transitioned through the months of lockdown you can find this on the website so please have a look.

Good to be writing again for you, I hope that you have survived lockdown and I look forward to

singing for you again.

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