4. Diary of a church dog

Diary of a church Dog 4

So, I have been having a think about Lent and the practice of abstaining from

various things. Mummy has given up her social media account this year (I am

still posting on my Instagram though @tjwithme) however mummy decided to

step away from what is in fact the scourge of modern life.

When we are out walking, I am struck by just how many times people nearly trip

over my lead or stand on me because their heads are down and they are looking

at a small screen in their palm. Mummy says that at a concert in Hyde Park last

year she ruined peoples videos of

Barbara Streisand (who had her three

dogs with her)by starting a chant of ‘put

your phones down, put your phones

down.....’ to the people in front who

were blocking everyone’s view, they

yielded (their films were ruined anyway)

put their phones away and watched the

way God intended, with their eyes.

Walk down any high street and phone addicts are everywhere. Whereas I pootle

along in one of two ways; nose down or nose up high. When ‘down’ I am snuffling

for evidence of other dogs who have walked my way to see if I know them and

connect with them. When ’up’ I am smelling the world and experiencing

everything in creation. So, I suppose what I am trying to say to you all is be more

dog, give up your devices, get your nose up smell the world and look for

connections to creation.

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