20. Diary of a church dog

Diary of a church Dog. 20

Well, wasn’t it wonderful? The pomp, the circumstance, the troops, the horses, the pageant, the concert, the outfits, the hats, the Cambridge children and of course the drone corgi he naturally was my personal favourite along with the corgi puppets in the parade. Mumma loved the outfits especially Duchess Katherine at the service in the pale-yellow Emilia Wickstead dress. The scene that got mumma the most though was the final balcony appearance with Her Majesty resplendent in green standing with the next three kings, mumma cried.

The thing about the queen, as I, a humble dog see it, is her amazing devotion to duty and her unswerving faith. These things have sustained her. These things are what bind her to her people. These things are why young and old Brit and visitor all turned out to wave their flags and say Thank You your Majesty.

It is not every day that we get to live through a genuine historical event there are some things which are small and pass by without us realising that they are worthy of note but some things, like The Jubilee, have a sense about them, a sense of pure magic and we remember them for ever.

We will all have our own favourite moments and memories but I know for mumma and me it was the sense of the majesty of our Queen and how for 70 years she has not faltered or waivered in her duty to people, state and church.

God Bless you Your Majesty and long may you reign

Much love TJ



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