2. Diary of a church dog

Diary of a church dog 2.

I realise that the normal pantomime season is over the Christmas period but at

St Michaels they do it later due to everyone being busy with the choir or going

’home’ for Christmas so, for the last few weeks I have been helping at

rehearsals. I sit on the director’s chair when she is on stage and I watch. I am

struck by just how much work and effort everyone puts in. Last Sunday alone,

apart from the actors on stage, there were another 8 people making and painting

scenery, a pianist, mummy was also sorting costumes, selling tickets and

generally bossing people around. I sat like a good boy and just watched everyone

and was struck by how much people can achieve when they work together for

something wonderful. If you want a good night out then why not book yourself

some tickets.

Just a foot note I was very impressed by the Vicar’s choice of jacket to last

Monday’s rehearsal, we were actually both sporting the same green quilt gilet,

style is such a difficult thing to pull off but me and Tony nailed it!!

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