Summary of the PCCC Meeting held on 15/09/2020

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley

Summary of the Parochial Church Council Meeting held on 15th September 2020


Present: Revd Tony Whatmough (chair); Revd Angela Birkin; Sonya Bushell; Rebecca Crowson; Alan Daines; Ann Dudzinski; Jane Ferguson; Karen Gough; Malcolm Heath; Tom Herbert; Janet Lewis; Alan Parker; Deryck Piper

Apologies: Glynis Dickson; Ella Dudzinski; Felicity King; Joan Penter; Luke Verrall

Team Rector’s Comments:

Conduct of PCC business: Since there is no provision for PCC meetings to be held on-line, decisions agreed in an on-line PCC meeting will need to be confirmed using the existing Business by Correspondence mechanism. With the agreement of PCC, the Chair ruled that a list of agreed decisions should be circulated by the PCC Secretary as soon as possible, and that responses should be returned within a week of their circulation.

Transitional arrangements:  It was noted that, technically, the Church Wardens will be in charge after TW’s retirement, but with powers to delegate. In practical terms, AB would be authorised to act independently within specified parameters. The bishop was minded to complete AB’s curacy shortly after the year’s end: licensing as vicar would follow.

Matters Arising:

West End of Church: The draught porch has been removed, and the frames for the two sets of glass doors have been installed. The kitchenette was in place; splashbacks are awaited. The fridge and dishwasher have been delivered. JL’s Powerpoint has been published on the church website. In the absence of grant funding donations should be encouraged. It was suggested that information about the project could be published along with the recorded services. VAT would be reclaimed, if still within date.

Organist and Choir Music: The position has been advertised advertised, and some expressions of interest had been received. It was not possible to move forward under current conditions, but DW was maintaining contact with potential candidates.

Preparation for APCM:  As a consequence of the pandemic, the bishop had extended the time limit for APCM to the end of November. It was agreed that the meeting should be held on Sunday 15th November.

Papers had already been prepared and published in readiness for the meeting postponed in April. Copies could be made available electronically by request from AP, and published on the church website and social media; some members will have collected printed copies in church in advance of the postponed meeting, and further copies could be made available in church.

Nomination papers submitted in advance of the April meeting remain valid.  Nominations remain open, and nomination papers could be requested from the Secretary.

Three members would need to be appointed for Deanery Synod: one previous representative would not be standing.

The Chair (Joanna Seabourne, Area Dean) will decide whether the meeting should be held in person or virtually. It was noted that there is a risk of exclusion either way: physical proximity will deter some; a virtual meeting will exclude those who lack digital competence. Advice on the options may be available from the diocese to get advice on options. This should be taken into account in planning for possible future restrictions.

PCC Officers and Committees: It was noted that, under the existing schedule, the new PCC would not meet until 5th January 2021, and the meeting on 2nd March would be dominated by business for the 2021 APCM. It was therefore agreed that the new PCC should convene virtually on Tuesday 17th November to appoint officers and committee members.

Treasurer’s Report: A summary of the current financial position had been circulated. The decrease in donations was noted. Grant applications for the West End had not been successful.

JL drew attention to the high cost of photocopier lease: Budget and Finance would consider this.

JL and AD would examine the Parish Giving Scheme, and report to PCC meeting on 17th November with view to joining the scheme,

Fabric Report: There was continuing progress on the West End (Item 5.6 above). Repair and upgrade to the tower clock had been approved by the diocese. Problems with the organ have been diagnosed and rectified. The church water supply is at present seriously discoloured: the problem is widespread, following prolonged disuse. Yorkshire Water will attend.

A gardening day was held on 12th September, organised by LV. Leeds City Council has continued regular maintenance of the churchyard. JL has cleaned the surface of the path to the main door.

MD Builders are replacing the felt, laths and slates of the Youth Centre roof. Drains in the Youth Centre were blocked as a result of a collapsed main drain: this has been repaired by Yorkshire Water.

All spacing lines and metalwork in the car park have been repainted.

The floor in the Bloodworth Room has been stripped and revarnished. The floor and back wall of the stage have been replaced. Hand sanitizer dispensers and signage have been installed in every room and at every entrance.

Shire Oak C of E School Report: The roof had been replaced during the summer. A lot of work had been done to keep in contact with and provide support to pupils. Food parcels had been distributed to replace free school meals.


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