Summary of the P.C.C. Meeting held on 9 May 2017

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley

Summary of the Parochial Church Council Meeting held on 9 May 2017, 7.30pm, in Church


Present: Revd Tony Whatmough (chair); Sonya Bushell; Rebecca Crowson; Alan Daines; Glynis Dickson; Ann Dudzinski; Ella Dudzinski; Ben Ellis; Jane Ferguson; Malcolm Heath; Tom Herbert; Felicity King; Jan Kramer; Janet Lewis; Deryck Piper; Alan Parker; Joan Penter

Apologies: Luke Verrall

Co-option and appointment of new members: Jan Kramer (Reader) was unanimously co-opted as a member of PCC. It was noted that a vacancy for two years remained to be filled by co-option.

Appointment of Officers: The following appointments were agreed unanimously (proposed: Janet Lewis; seconded: Malcolm Heath):

Chair of PCC: Revd Tony Whatmough
Deputy Chair of PCC: Ann Dudzinski
Treasurer: Janet Lewis
Secretary to PCC: Alan Parker
Minutes Secretary: Malcolm Heath
Electoral Roll Officer: Glynis Dickson

Safeguarding Officer: Rebecca Crowson; Janet Kramer

Churches Together in Headingley: Felicity King; Joan Penter

PCC Committees:

PCC Membership of the committees was approved as follows:

Standing Committee: Revd Tony Whatmough; Ann Dudzinski; Rebecca Crowson; Malcolm Heath; Alan Parker; Janet Lewis (all ex-officio)

Budget and Finance: Rebecca Crowson; Ann Dudzinski; Malcolm Heath; Janet Lewis (convenor); Deryck Piper; Revd Tony Whatmough

Mission and Worship: Rebecca Crowson; Ann Dudzinski; Ben Ellis; Malcolm Heath; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper; Revd Tony Whatmough (convenor)

Fellowship and Social: Sonya Bushell; Rebecca Crowson; Glynis Dickson; Ella Dudzinski; Felicity King; Jan Kramer; Revd Tony Whatmough

Fabric: Rebecca Crowson; Alan Daines; Ann Dudzinski (convenor, church building and churchyard); Glynis Dickson; Ben Ellis; Jane Ferguson; Tom Herbert; Janet Lewis (convenor, Parish Hall & Youth Centre); Alan Parker; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper; Luke Verrall (convenor, Green Group); Revd Tony Whatmough

Fundraising and Stewardship: Rebecca Crowson (convenor); Ann Dudzinski; Janet Lewis; Revd Tony Whatmough

Matters Arising:

Annual Review of Safeguarding Policy: A new national safeguarding policy had been published in March, of which an epitome is being produced. It was agreed that no change should be made until this was available.

Appointment of Director of Music: There were currently two firm, and one further possible, candidates.

Team Rector’s comments: Angela Birkin would be ordained on Saturday 1 July, and be welcomed to St Michael’s as curate the following day. A combined lunch with St Chad’s and All Hallows would probably be organised.

Permissions for communion assistants would need to be renewed in July. Offers and suggestions for augmenting the list should be communicated to TW.

There would be a joint open air service at Beckett’s Park on 16 Jul.

The patronal festival would be a combined service on 24 September.

At the next PCC, there should be discussion of what we would like to achieve in the coming year to enhance the church’s life.

Treasurer’s Report: The financial statement for the year ending 31 December 2016, and formally accepted (proposed: Janet Lewis; seconded: Malcolm Heath). It was noted that the auditor had met with AD, RC, TW and JL to go through the statement before it had been presented to the Annual Meeting. The meeting expressed its gratitude for auditor’s work on this statement.

A summary of income and expenditure to 15 May was circulated. There was an excess of expenditure over income of approximately £12k. This was partly due to the fact that no income tax recoveries had been received so far this year, and the share payments had been front-loaded. However, the loss of some generous Gift Aid donors was noted. It was agreed that this year’s stewardship campaign should emphasise the need for financial support.

The new share allocation remained a matter of concern. A discrepancy between the figure for unrestricted income circulated by the diocese and the actual figure was noted with perplexity.

Fabric Report: Proposed alterations to west end of church: documents and information from the church architect had been received, following the meeting on 16 March. Church Fabric group is now working on the grant applications and the faculty application documents.

Proposed replacement of chairs: With a view to making the building more community-friendly and flexible, the church fabric group had agreed in principle to replace a proportion of the chairs in church with stackable chairs. It was expected that replacing 100 (of the total of chairs in church) would be sufficient; but to allow flexibility a maximum of 150 would be included in the faculty application. The choice of design for the stackable chairs will be decided at a later date; aesthetic considerations and complementarity to the existing chairs would be respected. A formal proposal would be brought to the next PCC meeting.

Electrical work: A.S. Electrical have replaced light fittings in the choir vestry, a socket in the parish office, and numerous bulbs; all 60 bulbs in the naves have been replaced with LED bulbs. They will provide a quotation for an AV system in church.

Annual inventory: The churchwardens carried out the annual check of the goods and ornaments of the church on 19 April.

Dates for 2017/18 meetings:

Standing Committee:

Wednesday 21st June 2017
Monday 4th September 2017
Tuesday 31st October 2017
Tuesday 9th January 2018
Monday 5th March 2018


Wednesday 5 July 2017 (Shire Oak)
Monday 18th September 2017
Tuesday 14th November 2017
Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Monday 19th March 2018

Annual meetings: Sunday 15th April 2018


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