Summary of the PCC Meeting held on 6 May 2015

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley
Summary of the PCC Meeting held on 6 May 2015

Present: Revd Tony Whatmough (chair); Ben Ellis; Pippa Clayton; Rebecca Crowson; Alan Daines; Ann Dudzinski; Jane Ferguson; Nick Gough; Malcolm Heath; Felicity King; Cefin Lewis; Janet Lewis; Ashley Marshall; Alan Parker; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper; Anita Shaw Luke Verrall
Appointment of Officers:
Chair of PCC: Revd Tony Whatmough
Deputy Chair of PCC: Ann Dudzinski
Treasurer: Cefin Lewis
Secretary to PCC: Alan Parker
Minutes Secretary: Malcolm Heath
Electoral Roll Officer: Glynis Dickson
Safeguarding Officer: Nick Gough and Rebecca Crowson
Churches Together in Headingley: Felicity King; Joan Penter

PCC Committees: Membership of other committees was approved as follows:
Budget and Finance: Pippa Clayton, Rebecca Crowson; Ann Dudzinski; Cefin Lewis (convenor); Malcolm Heath; Nick Gough; Alan Parker; Deryck Piper; Revd Tony Whatmough
Mission and Worship: Revd Tony Whatmough (convenor); Rebecca Crowson; Ann Dudzinski; Ben Ellis; Malcolm Heath; Jan Kramer; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper
Children and Youth: Nick Gough; Jan Chilvers
Fellowship and Social: Pippa Clayton; Rebecca Crowson; Janet Lewis (convenor); Felicity King; Ashley Marshall; Anita Shaw
Fabric: Revd Tony Whatmough (convenor); Rebecca Crowson; Alan Daines; Ann Dudzinski; Ben Ellis; Jane Ferguson; Cefin Lewis (convenor, Parish Hall & Youth Centre); Janet Lewis; Alan Parker; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper; Anita Shaw; Luke Verrall.
Fundraising and Stewardship: Pippa Clayton (convenor); Rebecca Crowson; Ashley Marshall; Cefin Lewis; Janet Lewis

Appointment of Sidespersons:  David Appleyard; Glynis Dickson; Jane Ferguson; Felicity King; Geoffrey Marshall; Barbara Newby; Peter Rose; Peter Turnbull.

Mission Action Planning: Adam Clayton outlined the Mission Action Planning process.
Groups converged on openness and inclusiveness as the current value, embodied in friendly welcome, diversity, the ability to integrate newcomers from different Christian traditions, and the consistent support of policy developments which increased inclusiveness.
There was a greater range of opinion on what is missing. Themes that emerged from the discussion included: an invitation that held back from inviting people to enter the church (‘we invite all who enter ‘); the use of language, both in the welcome statement and in worship, that might be misunderstood (e.g. ‘Catholic’) or unintelligible to outsiders; the prominence given to history, buildings and music, suggestive of a tourist attraction or care home, rather than to friendship, fellowship and worship. Possible actions include: reassessing the point at which we welcome, with more active outreach to draw people in; a plain language audit; and a review of the implied priorities expressed in the way we present ourselves.

Matters arising on the minutes:
Parish Magazine: Tom Lusty wants to pass on the production of the magazine: volunteers would be welcome.

West end of church: The next stage in considering options would be to visit some reordered churches. Possibilities mentioned included: St Lawrence, Pudsey; St Edwards, Roundhay;  St Mark’s, Woodhouse; St Peter’s, Harrogate; Holy Trinity, Skipton; St Matthias, Burley.

Team Rector’s report:
Members were encouraged to attend to meeting on church growth led by Robin Gamble at All Hallows, 7.30pm on 8 June.
It would be important to optimise publicity for the period of the RU championships in September-October: this would also be the time at which new students arrived.
Attendance at the 12.15 service was now very low, raising the question of whether it should be discontinued. It has in the past provided for a distinct congregation, not at home in other services: but this core constituency was no longer there. It was agreed that the service should continue until its normal annual suspension in August, and a decision made about whether to resume after that in the light of consultations with those affected.
Pentecost Praise would be at 3pm on 24 May, at St Chad’s. There would be no evensong. It was proposed to repeat last year’s Team outdoor service on 19 July, in the grounds of Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association.
There would be a Team walk around the parishes on 6 June.
Treasurer’s Report: A written report of receipts and payments to 31 April was received.
Fabric Report: The Churchwardens presented a brief written report. An estimate for electrical work in the Parish Hall had been accepted.
Parish Hall Report: The main business as the meeting on 20 April had been electrical work and compiling a list of maintenance work needed.
Green Group report: The Group had agreed a sustainability action plan, which would go to the next meeting of Fabric Committee. Carbon footprinting was being looked into. Cardboard cups had been sourced. A wildlife-friendly wild flower area had been created around the bench in the south churchyard.
Shire Oak CE (VC) Primary School: The leaving service would be held in church on 20 July. The OFSTED inspection had taken place: the outcome had not yet been published.
Dates of future meetings:
Standing Committee:
Thursday 25 June 2015

Tuesday  1 September 2015
Wednesday 4 November 2015
Thursday 7 January 2016
Wednesday 2 March 2016
Thursday 9 July 2015 (Shire Oak School)
Monday 14 September 2015
Wednesday 18 November 2015
Thursday 21 January 2016
Wednesday 16 March 2016
Annual meeting: Sunday 17 April 2016

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