Summary of the PCC Meeting held on 14 September

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley

Summary of the Parochial Church Council Meeting held on 14 September

Present: Revd Tony Whatmough (chair); Rebecca Crowson; Alan Daines; Ann Dudzinski; Malcolm Heath; Felicity King; Cefin Lewis; Janet Lewis; Ashley Marshall; Alan Parker; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper; Anita Shaw. Apologies: Nick Gough; Jane Ferguson; Luke Verrall.

Mission Action Planning and Church Growth: Demographic data about the parish was available from the diocese. The population was more transient, young and highly educated than average, and less ethnically diverse; the percentage of young children was below average. It was noted, however, that a high proportion of the church’s membership came from outside the parish, so that its reach extended into areas with a different demographic profile.

It was emphasised that Mission Action Planning needed to be a continuous process: the completion of the Look-Discern-Plan-Act should lead into an assessment of the outcomes that would inform the next iteration. This meant that there needed to be a clear definition of what would be evidence that the change had worked.

Since grand designs were difficult to conceive, implement and assess, the process was likely to be more effective if action took the form of self-contained and manageable improvement projects. The planning cycle should therefore operate at committee level, as well as through PCC. 

Several audit tools were circulated, though these would need to be adapted our own situation and needs.

West end of church: The architect had met with PCC in church on 3 August, and undertaken to prepare new plans for the alternative arrangements that had been discussed, and to submit them to the Victorian Society and Historic England for comment. PCC had visited St Mark’s on 8 September; a visit to St Chad’s was being planned.

Parish Magazine: The new format had appeared. It had been suggested that adverts should appear in the form of a supplement: different supplements for each parish had been suggested, but it was agreed that the greater reach of a single supplement covering both parishes would increase the value to advertisers. The process for managing sales and the collection of income from advertising was still undefined.

Mobile phone mast: NET had invited reconsideration by letter and phone call, and had been informed that their unwillingness to negotiate with our negotiators remained an obstacle.

Team Rector’s comments: The news sheet had been produced in a new format: feedback would be welcome.

The West Yorkshire Destitute Asylum was organising a scheme for providing overnight shelter for male asylum seekers during winter months.

The British Legion would be joining the main service this year. This would begin at 10am, and be abbreviated to meet the 11am deadline.

There would be a nativity play in church on Christmas morning, for children and adults.

A request to place a geocache in the church yard had been received. Some concern was expressed that this might lead to inappropriate or risky behaviour, and it was agreed that the insurance implications should be checked and assurances sought about the appropriateness of the placement.

Treasurer’s Report: A written report of receipts and payments to 31 August was received.

The deficit over the year to date stood at £2.9k. There was also a small deficit on the Parish Hall account, because of the cost of repairs to the electrical system.

Fabric Report: An intermittent microphone fault had been fixed.

Green Group: Trees and bushes had been trimmed; a hedgehog house and been constructed from recycled materials; and accommodation for bugs was to be provided shortly.

Fellowship and Social Committee: A draft welcome leaflet was in preparation, and the existing welcome pack was being amended.

Shire Oak School: The SIAMS inspection had graded the school as outstanding. The school service had gone well.


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