Summary of the PCC Meeting 17/3/15

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley
Summary of the Parochial Church Council Meeting
 17th March 2015, 7.30pm, in Church

Present: Revd Tony Whatmough (chair); Pippa Clayton; Rebecca Crowson; Ann Dudzinski; Jane Ferguson; Felicity King; Janet Lewis; Ashley Marshall; Alan Parker; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper, Nick Gough; Luke Verrall  Apologies: Malcolm Heath; Cefin Lewis
Future of the Parish Magazine: A meeting to reassess the structure of the magazine is scheduled for March 24th.
West End of Church:  There had been 25 responses by the congregation and all the written comments received up were set out before the meeting started for everyone to study. Most of the comments were positive with the new position of the Font emerging as the most negative response.
Points made included:
How important it was how people were received as they entered church, and how the church was viewed from outside. This could be achieved by a glass porch, perhaps electronically controlled.
If the Font stayed in its current position then the toilet with disabled access could be built where the magazine rack is now located but the kitchen positioned on the bookcase wall. The positioning of drainage is a major factor in where these facilities are located.
It was important to open up the church for social events, and therefore this would be helped by the proposed  new facilities.
Children should be included in church worship to provide understanding of church life and thus plans for a larger Sunday club were welcomed but the question of soundproofing was problematic.
Positioning and sound proofing of toilet facility were causes for concern.
Monies should be provided by fund raising and grant application and that any cost of the work should be kept within the budget.
All responses were to be posted on the notice board and visits to be arranged to churches who have gone through the same work.
Team Rector’s comments: A meeting on 8th June with St Chad’s and All Hallows had been arranged. Robin Gamble was to attend with the subject of Church Growth.
Preparation for APCM
Elections of Churchwardens/Deputy Churchwardens – nominations required for 2 posts.
Vacancies on PCC for election at APCM and arrangements for elections – nominations required for 4 posts.
Frequency of meetings cycle: It was suggested that the current 6 PCC meetings per year should be reduced to 4 or 5. After discussion it was agreed to retain the current position and review the matter when the new committee structure had been running for a full year.
PCC Committee Reports:  Budget and Finance together Stewardship and Charities have all met. A Concert to be held in church (19th April), and other fundraising ideas have been discussed. Welcome packs needed and website to be updated.
Eco-Church It was noted that the relocated bench was being well used and the action pack is to be signed off. Next meeting 27th April.
Churches Together in Headingley: The Lent Lunches were being well attended.
Annual meeting: Sunday 19 April 2015

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