PCC Meeting Summary of 19th September 2016

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley

Summary of the Parochial Church Council Meeting held on 19 September 2016,

A model of the proposed West End reorganisation was on display in church before the meeting.

Present: Revd Tony Whatmough (chair); Rebecca Crowson; Alan Daines; Ann Dudzinski; Ben Ellis; Jane Ferguson; Malcolm Heath; Felicity King; Alan Parker; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper; Luke Verrall

Apologies: Tom Herbert; Janet Lewis; Ashley Marshall

West End of Church: After discussion, the following resolution was unanimously approved.

This PCC resolves to apply for a faculty to carry out the work to the west end of church as specified in the plans prepared by Richard Crooks (church architect) dated August 2016 , which were shown to PCC at a meeting on 17th August, a summary of the said work being as follows:

  1. the installation of a permanent kitchen area in the north aisle, set against the outer wall of the church;

  2. the installation of an accessible toilet in the north west corner of the church;

  3. the removal of the draught porch to the north aisle entrance to the church and the installation of two sets of glass doors within the outer porch to the north aisle entrance and the moving of the existing metal grilles to outer side of the porch;

  4. the enlargement of the children’s area in the south aisle and the enclosing of that area with ceiling-high glass screens.

Service books, new bibles: there had been some use of the new Bibles; there had been no complaints about the new format for the pew leaflets.

Worship Audit: A specimen audit had been circulated. This was felt to be too long, poorly structured, inconsistent in format of questions, and lacking a clear aim or focus. Desirable. It was noted that the initial impulse had come from favourable comment on the nonstandard morning service when access to St Michael’s was affected by the triathlon. It was agreed that further consideration was needed.

Annual Review of Safeguarding Policy: A date for the meeting had not yet been fixed. In the interim, the existing policy continued to be applied, and was judged adequate.

Appointment of Director of Music: Peter Brand had resigned as Director of Music with effect 4th September 2016.

The meeting affirmed its appreciation of PB’s contribution to the development of the church’s musical life, and expressed its gratitude.

With regard to the appointment process, it was agreed to constitute a panel comprising TW, RC, JF (representing PCC), a choir nominee, Claire Jones (representing choir parents) and David Walls. The group’s first task would be to draft an advert, job description and person spec.

Team Rector’s report:

It was agreed that Harvest Festival Offerings should again be divided between PAFRAS and the foodbank.

It was agreed that St Michael’s should hold an event on Islamophobia, similar to the recent session at All Hallows.

It was likely that St Michael’s would get a curate next year.

Treasurer’s Report: A written report of receipts and payments to 31 July had been supplied by Stephen Oliver. The format of the report was explained, and approved. It was noted that a small number of minor discrepancies were still to be resolved: this was not surprising, given the difficult circumstances.

Janet Lewis had indicated her willingness to take on the role of Treasurer. This appointment was agreed unanimously.

Fabric Report: The plaque commemorating Bill Simpson’s 45 years as organist and choir master was now in place.

There had been vandalism in the churchyard. This was consistent with a local trend.

Further work had been undertaken in the Parish Hall. A job day was planned for Saturday 15th October.

Dates of future meetings:

Standing Committee:

Monday November 7th 2016
Monday 9th January 2017
Thursday 9th March 2017


Monday 21st November 2016
Monday 23rd January 2017
Thursday 23rd March 2017

Annual meetings: Sunday 30 April 2017


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