Parochial Church Council Meeting Summary 24/1/2013

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley

Summary of the Parochial Church Council Meeting held on 24 January 2013, 7.30pm, in the Parish Hall

Present: Revd Tony Whatmough (chair); Rebecca Crowson; Glynis Dickson; Ann Dudzinski; Jane Ferguson; Nick Gough; Malcolm Heath; Felicity King; Cefin Lewis; Janet Lewis; Alan Parker; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper; Tim Stevens; Elaine Sykes-Austin; Pat Sykes-Austin; Alex Wheatley

Apologies: Ben Ellis; Susan Youell

Revision of remits of PCC Committees: It was intended to revive, and increase the use of, the Worship Committee. The opportunity to review of its remit would be taken after the PCC election at the Annual Meeting of the Parishioners.

Progress towards Team Ministry: The following resolution was passed unanimously: that the PCC request the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds to prepare a draft scheme of arrangement for the Headingley Team Ministry, being the proposed new team of St Chad’s Far Headingley and St Michael’s Headingley, the two parishes to remain distinct, with the option to establish a team council, and with that the rector should be presented by a patronage board

Preparation of new Electoral Roll:  There was a requirement for a new electoral roll to be compiled this year. Everyone on the present roll would need to re-apply, and efforts had to be made to contact everyone on the present roll. Notice was to be given not less than two months before the Annual Meeting, and announcements had to be made at services for two weeks. Compilation of the new roll had to be completed 15 days before the Annual Meeting. It was agreed that the initial announcement should be made on 3 February.

Recruitment of New Director of Music: The job description and person specification for this post had been circulated in advance. Applications would close on 6 April. A satisfactory number of plausible expressions of interest had already been received.

Priest-in-Charge’s comments: It was planned to run a joint cluster study activity based on house-groups for Lent..

Treasurer’s Report: A written report of receipts and payments to 31 December 2012 was received. 

The Treasurer reiterated that the church was not covering its costs. The final outturn for the year was around £3000: lower than predicted at the last meeting, but still a matter for serious concern

Fabric Report: The Churchwardens presented a written report. Repairs to the stained glass window had been completed.

PCC Committee Reports: Finance Committee had met on 16 December to consider options for relocating funds held with Scottish Widows and concluded that continuing to deposit the money with Scottish Widows was the best option.

Shire Oak CE Primary School: The Christmas service on Thursday 20 December had been well attended, and feedback had been good. The most recent meeting of Governing Body had focused on the interpretation of examination results.

Churches Together in Headingley: There had been a meeting on 15 January. The Unity Week coffee morning had been held at St Michael’s on Saturday 19 January, and the united service at St Urban’s on 20 January. Lent Lunches would commence on 8 February; St Michael’s would host on 8 March. In Holy Week there would be joint services at St Luke’s (26 March) and St Columba’s (28 March), with a March of Witness (and possibly a Passion Play) on Good Friday. A Treasurer and Coordinator were needed for area Christian Aid work. A North Leeds Food Bank is being set up, and volunteers were needed; a notice would be displayed in church.


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