Minutes of the PCC Meeting held on 18 September 2017

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley

Minutes of the Parochial Church Council Meeting held on 18 September 2017


Present: Revd Tony Whatmough (chair); Anglela Birkin; Sonya Bushell; Rebecca Crowson; Glynis Dickson; Ann Dudzinski; Ella Dudzinski; Ben Ellis; Tom Herbert; Felicity King; Jan Kramer; Janet Lewis; Deryck Piper; Joan Penter

Apologies: Alan Daines; Jane Ferguson; Malcolm Heath; Alan Parker; Luke Verrall

West End of Church: A meeting of the fabric committee was held on 14th September with Richard Crooks attending to provide an update on the progress of the proposed works. It was agreed at this meeting that Richard Crooks will respond in writing to the interested parties regarding their comments on the proposals. Richard Crooks will produce a photo montage of the proposed development to accompany faculty and grant applications. It is proposed that the Faculty application will be progressed and that grant applications will be submitted in parallel with the faculty application. A summary of the proposed works has been produced by Alan Daines and circulated and this will form the basis of the grant applications.

A bat survey of the church is required ahead of the commencement of works, Luke Verral has volunteered to organise this.

An asbestos survey of the church building has been carried out ahead of the west end works. It has identified Asbestos in two locations, the church office and the boiler house. This asbestos will need removing, but should not delay the progress of the west end redevelopment.

Director of Music: Howard Seymour is now in post for an interim period of 6 months.

Renewal of licenses for Communion Assistants: All completed.

Co-option new members: Rebecca Crowson proposed Anita Shaw (in her capacity as Diocesan Environment Champion) as an additional member of the PCC, seconded Deryck Piper.

Team Rector’s comments:

Harvest Festival will take place on 8th October, All Souls service will take place at evensong on 5th November and 12th November will be Remembrance Sunday.

Over the Advent and Christmas Periods, 3rd December will be the Advent Carol Service; 17th December will be the Nine Lessons and Carols Service; 24th December will be a Christingle Service in the morning and Midnight Mass replacing evensong later; 25th December will be the Christmas Eucharist, 31st December will be morning prayer only (no Evensong); 7th January will be Epiphany Carols at 6.30pm .

The charity for the season is Macmillan Cancer Support, Jan Kramer has suggested that for the following season the charity could be a Gambian Nursery she has previously supported.

Looking to the Future: The church goals for the next twelve months are going to be discussed with the congregation at the end of the Harvest Service, it is agreed that these should be jointly decided with the congregation.

Shire Oak School: The new intake of reception students has joined the school. A majority of these are siblings of existing pupils.

Treasurer’s Report: A summary of income and expenditure for the year to 18th September was presented; this shows a deficit of £8.7k. This is mainly due to increases to the Parish Share which has been paid in full for the year. It was also noted that there has been a significant amount of income from legacies this year. .

The church is in the process of registering an account with Just Giving to allow receipt of donations online. Just Giving will retain 5% of all money donated through this channel, but this was accepted as beneficial as it allows donation to the church through previously unavailable means and can be used for various fundraising campaigns within the church.

Fabric Report: A quote has been received for repairs to the church organ. The Fabric Committee have recommended and the Finance Committee have approved for some of these repairs to take place with £2k of the cost taken from Bill Simpson’s legacy donation to the church which was partly earmarked for works to the organ.

The church clock has been adjusted and is now showing the correct time.

Rats have been found in the churchyard, the council have been notified and have dealt with this, but requires on-going monitoring to make sure this problem has been fully resolved.

Allegations have been made that an individual has been defecating in the churchyard. A suspect has been identified, and the local PCSOs have been informally informed. Unfortunately this has not yet resolved the issue. It was agreed to formally notify the police via both the 101 hotline and a formal letter in addition to this.

Stewardship/Fellowship: The revised remit was approved as follows: ‘To overview social events, to encourage stewardship and to grow and develop fellowship within our existing and emerging faith communities.’ (Proposed by Rebecca Crowson, seconded Deryck Piper.)

Diocesan and Deanery Matters: Churches Together in Headingley have met and discussed the future of WYDAN (West Yorkshire Destitute Asylum Network) in the Headingley area. Previously, WYDAN have hosted refugees at St Chads, but it has been felt this is too far from central Headingley. WYDAN are looking for a new church to host refugees at for a week, unfortunately it was felt that St Michaels would not be able to act as host due to a lack of adequate facilities and a full schedule of bookings for of the Parish Hall and the Youth Centre. It was agreed to assist WYDAN where possible with volunteers and other assistance if hosted by a neighbouring church.

Dates for 2017/18 meetings:

Standing Committee:

Tuesday 31st October 2017
Tuesday 9th January 2018
Monday 5th March 2018


Tuesday 14th November 2017
Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Monday 19th March 2018


Annual meetings: Sunday 15th April 2018




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