Churchwardens' report on the Fabric, Goods and Ornaments of the Church to end of

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley



for the year ending 31 December 2012




Saturday 2nd March 2013 the churchwardens undertook the Annual Church Inventory. 

13th February 2012. Whilst fitting replacement light bulbs in the  north transept, DA noticed that the window sill (and the corresponding one in the south transept) are fitted with circular air vents (which cannot be seen other than from a ladder) which need to be freed up and painted with hammerite, as set out in the Quinquennial Report (all other such air vents were freed up and painted during 2011).

27th February. DA freed up and painted with hammerite, the two air vents (see above).

19th April. DA re-painted the floor of the Lady Chapel porch with floor paint.

23rd April. Following a leak in the roof of the porch of the main (north) door on 22nd April during heavy rain, BE and DA cleared a large amount of leaves and other debris out of the gutters on both sides of the porch and flushed the gutters through. This has dealt with the problem, as the  leak has not happened again despite further very heavy rain.

29th April. Before Evensong, during very heavy rain,  there was a  leak through the roof at the northern end of the west wall. The water leaking into church was directly above the cupboard containing fuses and electrical wiring. Plastic sheeting was taped over the cupboard and buckets placed to catch the water.

1st May. Pickles roofers attended to assess problem with the roof and later in the day attended a second time to repair the defective lead flashing which had caused the problem

22nd June. Leak in the glass roof of the vestry corridor, this will be monitored

26th June. Hirds (steeplejacks) attended to quote for the required regular inspection of the tower and the lightning conductors, quote subsequently received and will be considered by the Fabric and Maintenance committee.

2nd July. The two sump pumps were checked, the one in the boiler house is operating but the one at the bottom of the boiler house steps appears to have failed – DA will remove accumulated rubbish and leaves from the area of the pump and will check it again and will contact Essex pumps to come and carry out any necessary  repair work.

18th July. Decor Glass attended to remove the areas of stained glass windows (one in the north aisle and one in the south aisle) which are damaged, temporary plain glass was put in place pending the fitting of the repaired/replaced stained glass.

18th August. Following very heavy rain, BE checked the working of the sump pump in the boiler house which appeared to be working correctly.

24th September. Window in clergy toilet broken by a brick thrown through the window (appros 10.50am). Police informed and crime reference number obtained. BE contacted Bramley Glass who attended same day to board up and have subsequently (31st October)  repaired the window – cost £210 + vat (which does not exceed  excess (£250) on our insurance with EIG).

26th November 2012. Decor Glass attended to finish the repairs to stained glass windows in the north and south aisles. Cost £523 + vat (total £627.60) in accordance with quotation given in September 2011. Bill received and settled and sent to EIG.

19th December. DA finished work to pointing round the vestry door.

7th January 2013. DA repaired the bottom lock on the (outer) door to the vestries.

9th January. DA finished work to pointing inside & outside of office windows

Regular jobs throughout the year included the re-fixing of any wooden floor blocks which were loose and checking the boiler house for water ingress after heavy rain.



29th November 2011. British Gas attended to carry out the annual service of the boilers in the church, the parish hall and the youth centre.

24th December. Church heating failed to come on as programmed for the Crib Service.  AD re-started one of the boilers, the second boiler did not appear to be working.

1st January 2012. Church heating failed to come on as programmed for Parish Communion. One boiler was again manually started, the second boiler did not appear to be working.

3rd January. British Gas attended (under the terms of our heating breakdown insurance). Boilers fired up when programmed to do so. Engineer could not identify what has caused the recent faults, but he increased the flow of gas into the boilers as they start up, which it is hoped will reduce the likelihood of the problem recurring.

7th March. Annual inspection by British Gas of boilers in church, parish hall and youth centre.

24th April. BE inspected boiler house, noted that boilers had no lights on at all (there is one light on the side of each boiler which is always on), he informed AD who on 26th April tested the system by setting the heating programmer to come on, but the boilers failed to fire up.

27th April. British Gas  were called out and attended to deal with the fault with the boilers as noted above. Could not identify a specific fault, boiler failure possibly due to very wet conditions and damp air in boiler house. Boilers fired up when tested and were left to run for some time to try and dry them out.

28th April. ‘Treasures Revealed’ event in church, heating worked as programmed.

29th April. Heating failed to come on for services.

1st May. British Gas attended to deal with the fault with the heating. Engineer was on site for over two hours, checked the electrical connections and replaced a fuse. Boilers duly fired up.

28th June 2012. British Gas attended for a follow-up visit from the heating failure in April, two new parts were fitted to the boilers, the heating has always come on when programmed to do so, since this date



10th December. Members of the Fabric and Maintenance Committee removed and disposed of the four rubber-backed mats adjacent to the main (north) door of the church and cleaned the tiled surface underneath, in preparation for the new matting which is to be fitted on 16th.

16th December. Christian Carpets attended to fit grey matting inside the main entrance, replacing the rubber-backed mats mentioned above. The new matting is surrounded by a brass edging strip which secures it to the tiled floor. Details of the work had been submitted to Archdeacon Peter Burrows, who informed us that we did not require a faculty for this work. Christian Carpets also replaced the coir matting in the well between the outer and inner north doors

16th January 2012. A new clock was installed in the parish office (wardens’ vestry), the old one being beyond repair.

20th January. Inspector from Royal and Sun Alliance ( John Wilcock) attended to carry out the annual check of the electrical components of the heating boilers (church, parish hall and youth centre) and of the organ blower.

14th February. DA fitted replacement rail in the cupboard in the choir vestry.

21st February. Walkers Ltd attended for the annual inspection of the fire extinguishers in the church, the parish hall and the youth centre. All extinguishers in the church were in order, no follow-on work required. See below for parish hall.

19th April 2012. John Barnes and his son Peter Barnes (who have taken over the repairing and tuning of the organ from John Jackson, who has retired) attending for a ‘hand-over’ visit, with John, and to introduce themselves. Their next visit will be in September, for the organ to be tuned.

26th April. Smiths of Derby (formerly Potts) attended to service the tower clock.

1st May. Potts attended to deal with a problem with the chiming mechanism in the tower clock.

11th June. David Simpson (the electrician who looks after the amplification system in church and other matters) came to inspect the loop system which had stopped working some time ago, he removed the system and took it away for further inspection and repair.

6th July. The repaired loop system was replaced in church

16th July 2012. DA mended the towel rail in the clergy vestry lavatory.

10th September. The company which maintains the duplicator in the parish office attended and replaced a part and carried out routine maintenance.

12th September. DA and BE replaced the wooden ladder in the bell chamber with the wooden ladder previously used in church (now replaced by aluminium ladders). The wooden ladder from the bell chamber was disposed of.

21st September. GD fitted new curtains (which she had made) to the display table in the guardians’ area.

5th October. DA repaired the office phone (NB Fabric committee to look into purchase of cordless phone for the office as the trailing flex can be a hazard).

17th December. Cellophane covers to two banners were provided and put into place.

17th December. Photocopier maintenance company  attended to carry out repair to copier.

Regular jobs throughout the year included replacing light bulbs, altering the clocks for GMT/BST, and tuning and repairs to the church organ.



The following decision was taken by the PCC at their meeting on 22nd November 2012 - The PCC of St Michael’s, Headingley, agrees that a faculty be applied for, to affix a plaque to the north wall of the chancel to mark the retirement in November 2012 of Bill Simpson as organist and choirmaster. The faculty application is in hand.



9th January. Ben Ellis found needles in the graveyard and informed the PCSOs who would arrange for the needles to be removed.

16th March. BE laid down a small headstone which was becoming unstable, he and DA will see if they can reinstate.

9th May. DA cleaned boiler house steps and checked boiler house following heavy rain.

30th April. LCC attended and trimmed branches from trees on the Bainbrigge Road side of the churchyard. One tree in the churchyard was drawn to their attention as perhaps being in need of attention, LCC will carry out further investigative work on it.

11th July. LCC placed a notice in the churchyard which states that any dogs in the churchyard should be on leads. This was done without a faculty being obtained and  without any notice to the PCC. On the matter coming to the attention of the churchwardens on 13th July, it was reported to the Archdeacon, to the diocesan secretary and to the diocesan buildings officer. The Archdeacon is now investigating the matter as LCC appears to have acted illegally in placing the notice on our land without a faculty having been obtained (which would have required notice being given to us and our consent). The notice was on a metal pole approx 2m high and was placed adjacent to the path to the main (north) entrance to the church, just inside the gates. It was not fixed in place with concrete but was just pushed into the soil. On closer inspection by the churchwardens on 15th July it was considered to be a health and safety risk and was removed and has been placed in church pending further consultation. The Archdeacon is aware of this and is in agreement with the action taken.

17th September. A shrub was donated and planted in the churchyard

19th September. Compost purchased and dug into graveyard in preparation for planting of rose bushes donated by Gordon Crossley.

17th September. Shrub (‘Eunonymous’) donated and planted in churchyard

19th September. Compost bought and dug in, in preparation for planting of rose bushes (donated by Gordon Crossley)

29th September.AD and RC pressure washed the path from the vestry gate to the vestry door and from the vestry door to the boiler house steps. After replacing tools in the boiler house, the door to boiler house would not close properly. Informed BE and asked him to contact Steve Cromack (joiner) to see if it can be repaired.

1st October. DA lifted the metal grille in the floor of the north porch and cleared debris from underneath, making sure that the drain was flowing freely before replacing the grille.

3rd October. DA and BE cleared leaves and debris from the left hand hopper head on the roof of the parish office and made sure that the gutter and drain pipe were flowing freely, 17th October. Steve Cromack attended to carry out repair to boiler house door, cost £30.

25th October. DA rubbed down and repainted boiler house door.

10th November. RC, DP, David Walls and AD pressure washed the path from the north porch to the main gate and down the slope to the west door.

14th November. DA  and BE cleared boiler house steps and the roof of the parish office, of leaves and moss and other debris and bleached the steps.

12th December. Glynis Dickson and John Ashby planted flower bulbs in churchyard

Regular jobs throughout the year included checking the stability of the gravestones and pressure washing the paths.



29th November. British Gas attended for annual service of boilers in church, parish hall and  youth centre. The parish hall boiler needed a new part fitting and could not be used for a few days whilst the part was being obtained and fitted.

20th January. See ‘Fixtures and Fittings’ section above re annual electrical inspection.

21st February. Walkers Ltd attended re fire extinguishers. See section 1 above. Two extinguishers in the parish hall had expired and were replaced.

April. ‘Smart’ electricity meters fitted in parish hall and youth centre (meter readings are supplied directly to the supply provider from the meter ie no need to read the meters).

Pickles attended to a couple of slipped roofing tiles before Christmas following evidence of flaking ceiling paint in Musson Room due to minor moisture ingress.  Requested quote for the refurbishment of the remaining area of roof in need of attention.  May need to bring this work forward.  Steve Cromack currently attending to issues with internal doors including door closers (particularly Sugden Room) and replacing life expired door handles.  Bloodworth Hall floor sealed and polished over Christmas break by CL and JL






The Church Wardens would like to express their appreciation for the help that they have received from all who contribute to the work relating to the fabric and maintenance of the church and the parish hall and the youth centre, and in particular from the members of the Fabric and Maintenance committee and the Parish Hall committee.


Ann Dudzinski and  Rebecca Crowson

Churchwardens, March 2013.

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