Summary of the PCC Meeting held on 9 July 2015

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley
Summary of the PCC Meeting held on 9 July 2015, 7.30pm, at Shire Oak School
Present: Revd Tony Whatmough (chair); Rebecca Crowson; Alan Daines; Ann Dudzinski; Nick Gough; Malcolm Heath; Cefin Lewis; Janet Lewis; Ashley Marshall; Alan Parker; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper;
Apologies: Jane Ferguson; Felicity King; Anita Shaw; Luke Verrall.
Report on the School Year 2014-2015: Jane Astrid Devane reported on the on a very successful year. SATS outcomes had been good. The Ofsted report, which had graded the school as Good in all areas, and highlighted some Outstanding practice, put an end to the period of HMI monitoring, which would allow more for experimentation. The report of the SIAMS inspection, not yet released, was also expected to grade the school as Good in all areas.  The long-serving Chair of Governors would be stepping down this summer: this, and turnover of other members, would mean a period of adjustment for the governing body.  
PCC membership: Pippa Clayton had resigned from PCC (but had offered to remain on Budget and Finance Committee). It was agreed that it would be desirable to fill the vacancy by co-option: suggestions were invited.
Matters arising on the minutes:
Parish Magazine: additional volunteers were needed to assist with production and advertising.
West end of church: there was a brief update on progress towards visits to other churches.
Mobile phone mast: A proposal for the installation of a mobile phone mast in the tower had been received from Net Coverage Solutions. However, they had indicated that they were not willing to work with the consultant who had been recommended to us by other churches. It was agreed that we should not proceed on this basis.
Team Rector’s comments: There had been discussions with the small 12.15 communion congregation. It was proposed that, on resumption after its normal suspension during August, the service should be brought forward to 12.00 on an experimental basis. This was agreed, though the risk of conflict with activity after the 10.00 service was noted.
Treasurer’s Report: A written report of receipts and payments to 30 June was received.
Fabric Report: The Churchwardens presented a written report. The cause of the intermittent fault on some microphones had not yet been identified.
PCC Committee Reports:
Fabric and Maintenance Committee had conducted a regular safety check outside and inside church, and discussed options for the West End inconclusively.
Fundraising and Stewardship Committee had agreed a schedule of charities for support during the coming year.
Children and Youth Committee had suggested that from September the older two groups should meet in the Parish Hall for the first part of the service.
Diocesan and Deanery Matters:
In response to a consultation about the future role, shape and size of deaneries in the Leeds Episcopal Area, there was consensus that:
(i) the functions of the deaneries is not clear;
(ii) their most important function was in providing mutual support within a local area;
(iii) this would be most effectively achieved by the pre-existing 4-deanery model;
(iv) that if deaneries were established at a higher level, there would still be a need for units at a more local level, creating an undesirable multiplication of organisational levels.
Dates of next meetings:
Standing Committee:
Tuesday  1 September 2015
Monday 14 September 2015

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