Minutes of the PCC Meeting held on 8 May 2019

St Michael and All Angels, Headingley

Minutes of the Parochial Church Council Meeting held on 8 May 2019

Present: Revd Tony Whatmough (chair); Revd Angela Birkin; Rebecca Crowson; Glynis Dickson; Ann Dudzinski; Ella Dudzinski; Malcolm Heath; Tom Herbert; Janet Lewis; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper; Anita Shaw; Luke Verrall

Apologies: Sonya Bushell; Alan Daines; Jane Ferguson; Karen Gough; Felicity King; Jan Kramer; Alan Parker

Appointment of Officers:

Chair of PCC: Revd Tony Whatmough
Deputy Chair of PCC: Ann Dudzinski
Treasurer: Janet Lewis
Secretary to PCC: Alan Parker
PCC Minutes Secretary: Malcolm Heath
Electoral Roll Officer: Glynis Dickson
Safeguarding Officer: Rebecca Crowson; Janet Kramer
Churches Together in Headingley: Felicity King; Joan Penter

PCC Committees:

The remits of each committee had been circulated: committees were asked to review their remit at their first meetings, and to submit revised remits to PCC for approval.  

PCC Membership of the committees was approved as follows:

Standing Committee: Revd Tony Whatmough; Ann Dudzinski; Rebecca Crowson; Malcolm Heath; Alan Parker; Janet Lewis (all ex-officio)

Budget and Finance: Rebecca Crowson; Ann Dudzinski; Karen Gough; Malcolm Heath; Tom Herbert; Janet Lewis; Deryck Piper; Revd Tony Whatmough

Mission and Worship: Revd Angela Birkin; Rebecca Crowson; Ann Dudzinski; Malcolm Heath; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper; Revd Tony Whatmough (convenor)

Fellowship: Revd Angela Birkin; Sonya Bushell; Rebecca Crowson (convenor); Glynis Dickson; Ella Dudzinski; Felicity King; Jan Kramer; Anita Shaw; Revd Tony Whatmough

Fabric: Rebecca Crowson; Alan Daines; Ann Dudzinski (convenor, church building and churchyard); Ella Dudzinski; Glynis Dickson; Jane Ferguson; Tom Herbert; Felicity King; Janet Lewis (convenor, Parish Hall & Youth Centre); Alan Parker; Joan Penter; Deryck Piper; Anita Shaw; Luke Verrall (convenor, Green Group); Revd Tony Whatmough

Stewardship: Revd Angela Birkin; Rebecca Crowson; Janet Lewis; Revd Tony Whatmough

Matters Arising:

West End of Church: See Fabric Report below.

Parish Safeguarding Policy: The new diocesan policy was now available.

GDPR: Some progress was reported, but the audit was still not complete.

Team Rector’s comments:

There had been one applicant for the post of Team Rector; the applicant had been asked to submit a revised application. The post had been re-advertised with a deadline at the end of May. Mid-June interviews were envisaged.

Copies of the May magazine were circulated. It was noted that there was a low level of St Michael’s content; that the extensive use of colour increased the cost of production; that advertising income was not currently being received; that St Michael’s was taking only about 20 copies, not all of which were paid for; and that the 50p charge did not cover production costs. It was suggested that regular themed columns would be more effective in capturing an audience, and that the advertising income should be actively pursued. More radically, the possibility of a more modest A4 St Michael’s newsletter was mooted, though it was recognised that this was at odds with the Team concept. Fellowship Committee was asked to consider possible ways forward.

AB introduced the Thy Kingdom Come initiative of daily prayers for the period from Ascension to Pentecost.

Treasurer’s Report: A report on the year to April was circulated, indicating an £47.5k excess of expenditure over income.    

Fabric Report: A contract for the first stage of work for the West End reordering had been offered to one of the companies which had tendered. It is likely that the work will start in July. The grants sub-committee continues to work on applications for grant funding.

David Simpson is still working to correct the problems with amplification.

Green Group had organised a job day in the churchyard on 30 March.  

An Automatic Meter Reading (a.k.a. smart) meter for the church’s gas supply was fitted on 29 April 2019. Green Journey, an energy consulting company/switching company backed by the diocese, will carry out an energy survey of the church, the hall and youth centre, on Monday 13 May. An unexpectedly large gas bill for the Parish Hall had been received: this was due to inaccurate estimates of consumption.

Churches Together: Lent Lunches had been discussed in the light of Dorothy Gazey’s decision to stand down as organiser. Ideas for a new, simpler format were needed.

Dates of meetings for 2019/20:

Standing Committee:
Wednesday 19th June 2019

Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Wednesday 6th November 2019
Tuesday 7th January 2020
Monday 24th February 2020

Wednesday 3rd July 2019 (7pm at Shire Oak)
Tuesday 17th September 2019
Wednesday 20th November 2019
Tuesday 21st January 2020
Wednesday 11th March 2020

Annual meetings: Sunday 5th April 2020 (Palm Sunday)


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